Wellbeing at work

Making sure staff feel valued in the workplace means taking mental health seriously. Investing in it can make a huge difference to the wellbeing and happiness of your employees and, in turn, your organisation.

Positivity breeds productivity

With mental health concerns affecting as many as one in four adults, it’s vital to have the knowledge and skills to keep your employees, and your business, healthy. Poor mental health support costs the UK £13 billion per year, because it results in poor productivity and absenteeism.

Working together to feel better.

Our workshops promise to drastically raise levels of wellbeing, keeping more people happy and productive at work. We do this through helping you and your employees to understand mental health, and teaching the skills to cope with our own emotional difficulties or support others who are going through tough times.

How we can help

Assess and educate

We can assess your current situation and help you prioritise key areas for change.

A tailored plan for change.

We can provide a comprehensive range of frameworks and policies specifically adapted to your needs.

Gain recognition

We can help your business gain recognition by working towards the National Workplace Wellbeing Charter, that will help you improve your reputation with customers and investors.


Take it further

We provide advice and support about a variety of issues, as well as information on local services, and practical training opportunities.

A small act makes a big difference

“I Really enjoyed the mixture of theory and interactive activities. Picked up some things that I will use outside of session.”


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