Our story

A personal approach to mental health care

DRCS is a registered charity, working in partnership with the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and IAPT. We have counsellors and CBT therapists providing treatment throughout the county.

A personal approach to mental health care

DRCS has over 70 therapists compared to in 1989 when there were only 9 counsellors. DRCS is now the largest provider of counselling in Derbyshire. Our counsellors and CBT therapists achieve an average of 60% recovery rate against the national NICE target of 50%.

What we do

Taking care of your mental health is vital. That’s why we offer professional, confidential and free therapy to everyone who asks for it. In addition, we provide practical, educational workshops within schools and businesses which help provide the skills required to build happy and healthy communities. We are partnered with Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust and operate as a service provider within the Talking Therapies national initiative, as well as being an independent ‘3rd sector’ provider for self-referred clients.

DRCS removes the stigma attached to talking about mental health. We break down the barriers for those seeking treatment and offer guidance, relief and a friendly face.

How we do it

DCRS are a provider that doesn’t exclude. We are a registered charity, so we depend on donations to fund our therapies and workshops. Please help us build a society which understands and respects the need for mental health care. To put things in perspective, it costs roughly £38 to provide an hour of counselling. Donation clients are able to extend their treatment programmes to suit their own busy schedules.

All our staff are trained and qualified in counselling services, and maintain a firm commitment to BACP ethical framework for good practice in psychotherapy – so you never have to worry. Our counsellors never criticise, pass judgement, or provide unrealistic advice: sometimes all we need is a friendly face and someone who’ll listen.

Come and join us

You’re in the right place. Be a part of our story, and let us be a positive part of yours. We are always on the lookout for new counsellors.

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