20th Year for Industry Accreditation for DRCS

14th November 2023

20th Year for Industry Accreditation for DRCS

(Left to right) Celebrating 20 years’ accredited – DRCS clinical lead Kim Heappey and CEO Janette Smeeton.

DRCS has picked up an industry standard for the 20th year running.

DRCS, which offers mental health talking therapy across the region, originally gained the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Organisational Accreditation in October 2003.

It has maintained the standard throughout the years since and has just passed the latest rigorous assessment, making 2023 its 20th anniversary of achieving the quality benchmark.

BACP assessors Kathleen Rankin and Sarah Watson praised DRCS for its people and team spirit and said it was a pleasure to visit the service.

BACP assessor Kathleen Rankin said: “Congratulations on your accreditation renewal. It is great to have services such as yours, as part of our portfolio of accredited services. Your passion and dedication are outstanding, and clearly underpin the valuable work that you do with your clients.”

The assessment found a well run organisation providing an important service to the community; an engaging and accessible website; support for the BACP accreditation amongst practitioners; together with managers who supported their staff to grow and develop; all in an organisation that was always evolving, with the client always at the centre of decisions.

Janette Smeeton, CEO at DRCS said: “The assessors spoke to two of our practitioners, Jayne Grayson and Debra Jarrett, who they described as 'dedicated' and 'stunning'.

“They were particularly impressed with how we supported clients around risk and safeguarding issues, and felt clients are really well held and supported in our service. This all lives up to our stated aim of keeping the client at the centre of everything we do.

“I am bursting with pride about what team DRCS achieves, day in, day out.”

DRCS trustee Phil Askham added: “This accreditation not only advances the profession of counselling and its services to the highest standard, but also rewards ethical and good practice, all fundamental to our objective that counselling can be effective, change lives and offer positive outcomes for clients. Congratulations to the whole team at DRCS.”

Over the last 30 years, DRCS has offered talking therapies for common mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress and long term conditions through pathways including counselling, CBT and guided self-help.

In the last eight years, DRCS has been in partnership with Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust to deliver the NHS Talking Therapies for anxiety and depression service, throughout Derbyshire.

For further advice on seeking mental health support or current staff vacancies at DRCS call 0800 047 6861

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