Carers Rights Day & Mental Health Support

23rd November 2023

Carers Rights Day & Mental Health Support

Today is Carers Rights Day, an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about the rights and challenges faced by unpaid family carers. It serves as a valuable resource for carers, providing information and support to help them understand their rights, access resources, and navigate the complexities of caregiving.

Carers Rights Day aims to ensure that carers are well-informed about their rights, know where to find help and support, and increase awareness of their needs. Janette Smeeton, CEO at DRCS, said: "Carers Rights Day is an opportunity for carers, whether new to their role or long-time caregivers, to learn about their rights and access support.

"Carers Rights Day empowers carers with information and support, fostering confidence to request what they need and challenge situations when their rights are not being met, be it in the workplace, education, health or social care, professional interactions, or at home. Mental health issues for carers are not uncommon. Supporting someone else can affect your mental health and make it harder to stay well."

When caring for someone else, you might experience challenges and difficult feelings such as:

  • Stress - Are you thinking about their health and what will happen in the future? Is it hard to switch off?
  • Anxiety - About the person they care for and is it becoming overwhelming? Is it overtaking your life?
  • Isolation and loneliness - Are you seeing other people? Have you had to give up work?
  • Do you have time for yourself? - Are you keeping physically active, eating healthy food and relaxing? Is your health a priority?
  • Money worries - Is there a strain on your finances because of extra care, medical or travel costs?
  • Are you getting enough sleep? - You may not get as much sleep as you need.
  • Guilt, frustration and anger - Have you given up parts of your own life, or feel you have no choice about the situation? This can lead to anger at your family or the person you care for.
  • No time for yourself.
  • Low self-esteem - Have you lost confidence in yourself and your abilities to do anything except supporting someone else?
  • Depression - Are you feeling low or depressed?

DRCS can help carers with mental health issues through its talking therapy initiatives. For further information call 0800 047 6861.

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