DRCS Celebrates 35 Years Supporting The Community

1st July 2024

DRCS Celebrates 35 Years Supporting The Community

The Eighties is remembered for some awful fashion trends and really unforgettable tunes. The likes of U2 and Queen were making themselves global stars. Live Aid brought together 2 billion people around the world to help make a meaningful change to the lives of millions of people in need.

In Derbyshire, a community came together to deal with their own crisis. The community across High Peak and Dales were confronted with a disaster that hit the whole region. This was an outbreak of foot and mouth disease that devastated the farming communities and the rural regions across Derbyshire. A small group of people, hoped to help these communities by offering both a place to share and a place to access psychological support, to ensure that the well-being of the rural communities was protected.

Derwent Rural Counselling Service came into being. DRCS was a group of like-minded people and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists. They decided that they could have a positive impact on the Peaks and Dales.

They decided that they would be around for the long haul. Thirty five years later, they have built on the foundations laid way back in 1989. Last year they managed to offer psychological support to over 4000 residents across the length and breadth of the county. Their passion for improving access to mental health support continues to drive them forward. Their clients and their well-being are at the centre of everything that they do. Agents of change for every client who knocks on their door.

What has been built is clearly special. Imagine the place that you would want to send your best friend, your partner, a family member to, for help. In DRCS you have found the place that will go above and beyond to help everyone live the life that they strive for.

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