Architects put wellbeing on agenda

Award winning architectural practice, Whittam Cox Architects, has partnered with DRCS to positively address workplace wellbeing.

The practice took on the services of DRCS, via Derbyshire County Council’s Healthy Workplaces initiative, to put managers and senior management team through practical sessions about employee mental health and wellbeing.

Counsellor Jo Bailey from DRCS took the sessions on prevention strategies which included mindfulness programmes.

Dave Savage, board director at Whittam Cox Architects, said: “With the pace of modern life really impacting on people in all walks of life, we wanted to be confident that we have the skills set to look after our team and to recognise when people may need support.

DRCS delivered a series of wellbeing workshops for us which outlined the important links between developing an employee engagement culture, improved communication and productivity.

This was a programme tailored specifically for our business, which helps us, as considerate employers, to identify and spot any staff mental health issues before they become problematic and reinforce wellbeing as a key benefit to our business culture.

The process has been really positive for our company and I would fully recommend other businesses sign up for this and engage with their staff on improving mental wellbeing communication and behavioural skills.

It is no longer the case that employers can turn their backs on responsibilities towards the wellbeing of their staff – work is part of the equation and helping people to get the best work-life balance is crucial in preventing many mental illnesses from developing in the first place.”

Whittam Cox Architects has offices in Leeds, London and Chesterfield servicing projects across the UK.

DRCS is the largest provider of counselling services in Derbyshire and has a 27-year track record of working with individuals suffering from common mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress and long term conditions.

DRCS is already Derbyshire County Council’s Healthy Workplaces’ provider of choice of wellbeing programmes to public sector employers and schools in Derbyshire.

Research shows that mental health issues cost the UK economy some £16 billion per annum – £3bn for therapists’ fees and £13bn for lost productivity, absenteeism and the use of other government services.

According to NHS England, one in four people in the UK will suffer mental health symptoms at some stage in their working lives. The CIPD states the average annual cost of absenteeism per UK employee is £760.

DRCS’s skills sessions focus on listening and responding, employee engagement, influencing skills and styles, managing effective work teams, behaviour analysis, conflict resolution skills, anger management and stress control.

For further information on courses contact Kim Heappey or Mark Penman on 01629 812710 or visit

Pic caption: Whittam Cox Architects, putting staff wellbeing first.

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