Is the New Year testing your relationship?

Matt Hewitt, interpersonal psychotherapist and counsellor from Derwent Rural Counselling Service looks at how to approach your partner in a more understanding way in the new year.

The beginning of a New Year can be an incredibly stressful time, resulting in pressures that can test the strongest of relationships.

Rarely does the holiday season match the greetings card image of happy families sitting around a fire – a romantic ideal that all too often makes our own family get together look less than perfect and adds to the stress on our relationships.

And with the first credit card bill looming large after the festivities, money issues may come to the forefront.

As a result cracks in many relationships begin to appear early in the New Year.

With a New Year now upon us, how can we begin to work on saving our relationships?

Using some ideas from Interpersonal Therapy, the following relationship tips can be helpful.

Firstly, explore your relationship expectations. Can we begin to think of altering in some cases our unrealistic expectations of others?

Communicating more clearly in our relationships can also be helpful. We assume that our partners are aware of exactly what our needs are? This is not true. So talk to them.

Be aware of assumptions. If you are not communicating clearly you will most likely be assuming the worst. Do not assume, but communicate.

Think about how, when and what you communicate. Is what you are communicating helpful to the relationship?

Find a calm moment to sit down and discuss non judgementally how you can both work together on making your relationship more harmonious.

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