Psychotherapist opens up in first book

Psychotherapist Debra Jarrett, who works at Derbyshire-based mental health charity Derwent Rural Counselling Service (DRCS), has published her first book – bringing her own experiences onto the pages of the self help guide.

Derby-based Debra is a specialist in dissociation, a coping mechanism used in times of severe trauma.

The book, ‘Dissociation: Bringing It Into Awareness’, offers an insight into dissociation and guidelines on working through it positively for both individuals and professionals.

Debra, an accredited member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapists (UKCP), said: “This is my first published work and it has taken three years to write. It includes my clinical research as well as my past personal experience of being dissociative.

“I offer readers an emotional account of my lifelong journey from relational trauma to recognition of dissociation, and how I learned to attempt to analyse and adjust. I am proof that there is a way forward. The road has been harrowing, painful and disturbing, but with understanding and dedication, determination and strength, I have shown you can live with dissociation.

“Dissociation is now being recognised by the NHS, and as well as offering an insight into the disorder, I detail how to develop an awareness of dissociation as an individual, and as a professional, together with giving guidelines around working through dissociation in a constructive way, just like I have done.

“I’m hopeful that it will be incredibly helpful for dissociative people and those around them, in terms of offering a normalisation of dissociation and providing a very tangible story of hope.

“I also hope the book will be hugely significant to psychotherapists, counsellors, psychiatrists and other professionals in working with dissociation.”

The book costs £20 and is available worldwide from Amazon. It has already received rave reviews from industry experts including UKCP accredited Gestalt psychotherapist Peter Orlandi-Fantini, who is the co-ordinator for the Mental Health Placement Programme at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute and a former clinical teacher in psychiatry and lecturer in Psychiatric Studies within the NHS.

Peter, who has written a foreword for the book, said: “Bringing dissociation into awareness is a goal achieved in the writing of this book. From a personal and deeply moving process of autobiographical disclosure and exploration an understanding of dissociation unfolds.

“Through the stories of people who live with outcomes of dissociation, supported by contemporary theoretical understanding, a radically new perspective emerges. Dissociation has personal, relational and social effects which can be managed with appropriate support and finely tuned intervention. This book is therefore a deeply sustaining source for people experiencing dissociation as well as a significant contribution for the medical, psychotherapeutic and allied professions.”

Jacqueline Stratton, Administrator for CORE (Cope and Recover) also added: “My admiration for Debra’s resolve is immense. I believe this book will embrace any reader – helping all of us to be more understanding of the complexities of dissociation and to help those in need step out onto a healing path – love yourself and follow that journey.”

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